PICTURE: The CPAC Main Stage Strongly Resembles a N*zi Symbol

(Daily Kos) – It’s no lie that white supremist groups, Nazi imagery, and coded language infests MAGA Republicanism.

So, was this intentional? 

CPAC 2021 stage
SS uniform patches

If you believe this is a coincidence; I’ve got a bridge to sell you. pic.twitter.com/ovDcyBHw5l— Em 💛 (@hopeformaybe) February 26, 2021

Also from Em’s tweet thread, via WiKi

“In November 2016, the leadership of the National Socialist Movement announced their intention to replace the Nazi-pattern swastika with the Odal rune on their uniforms and party regalia in an attempt to enter mainstream politics.”


From the ADL (The Antidefamation League).