(Daily Kos) – Today the Supreme Court, without comment or dissent, refused to hear a Trump appeal challenging his election loss in Wisconsin.  If you are wondering what that sort of thing looks like, I have attached a picture of it above. This is the final Trump challenge that was pending before the Supreme Court.

Trump filed the lawsuit after the election claiming decisions made by administrators of Wisconsin’s elections, to make voting during Covid easier, were unconstitutional.  The judge who heard the case, Judge Brett Ludwig, is a Trump appointee. Judge Ludwig dismissed the case on the merits (those claiming no cases were decided on the merits are wrong).  This judge appointed by Trump wrote: 

“This Court has allowed plaintiff the chance to make his case and he has lost on the merits. In his reply brief, plaintiff ‘asks that the Rule of Law be followed.’ It has been.”

Trump appealed to the United States Court of Appeals.  The three judge panel unanimously rejected Trump’s appeal writing, “Wisconsin lawfully appointed its electors in the manner directed by its Legislature.”  

The judge who wrote that decision, Judge Michael Scudder, is also a Trump appointee.  Another judge, Llana Rovner, was appointed by George H. Bush.  The third judge, Joel Flaum, is a Reagan appointed.  So that’s three Republican appointed appellate judges, to include a Trump appointee (who wrote the unanimous decision) who ruled against Trump. Plus the Trump appointee on the District Court.

With three Trump appointees on the Supreme Court the request for cert there was denied without dissent.